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Thu May 2 22:38:17 GMT 2002

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> On Thu, 2 May 2002, Ali Hasnain Baqri wrote:
> > I am executing smbclient through java.lang.Process.exec(String[])
> > I am getting the output through stream from it.
> You are aware of the existance of jCIFS?
	Actually jCIFS has a problem with Unicode pathnames at the moment. We (actually I)
	did something dumb that causes the pathnames to be URL encoded. You have to URL
	encode and decode each path component. I'm actually gearing up to fix this in the next
	week or so. I know Japanese doesn't work though because someone else was
	complaining about it recently.

> Not forking a new process will be faster and you will do everything within
> Java code.
> > When I list the contents of a directory on Windows containing japanese 
> > characters, the output is corrupted.
> > Using InputStreamReader to read the output of smbclient with encoding as
	Perhaps you need to use DataInputStream.readUTF? You need to determine what the
	output encoding is exactly and read it accordingly. But jCIFS is definately a better
	solution (once I fix the URL encoding BS).


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