Cannot resolve PDC

Chris Rondthaler CRondthaler at
Thu Jul 26 18:31:48 GMT 2001

Any insight would be appreciated:

We have a Samba (ver. 2.0.7 on RH7.0) which is able to resolve netbios names
on its own subnet ( 

[root at lax2rh2 samba]# nmblookup lax2dc2 
querying lax2dc2 on lax2dc2<00>

but not any names which are part of another subnet:

[root at lax2rh2 /home]# nmblookup lax2pdc1
querying lax2pdc1 on
name_query failed to find name lax2pdc1

 - although part of the same domain/wins database. 

What is really weird is I even put the above netbios name in an lmhosts file
(/etc/lmhosts) the box is still unable to resolve. I can attach to the Samba
box by UNCing to it (\\sambabox) from another subnet, and it shows up in the
windows brows list, but still, it cannot find the PDC. (Or any another
machine name that is not on its own subnet.)

I'm starting to feel like its networking related, although I can ping from
this box and to it - connectivity does not *appear* to be the issue. I have
1 1\2 yrs. experience with Linux so perhaps I am missing something.



wins server =

workgroup = lax2

server string = Samba Server

netbios name = lax2rh2

security = domain

password server = *

encrypt passwords = yes


comment = TVG Corp. Share

path = /home/tvgn-share

writeable = yes

guest ok = no

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