Locke Murray locke at
Thu Jul 26 04:23:24 GMT 2001

Ok, I'm having a bit of a problem...  So I'll start with a quick rundown:

I'm running Mandrake 8 (kernel 2.4.3), and trying to get smbclient 
working right...  I'm not trying to share any files, just access my 40 
gigs of mp3's on my windows machine in the other room....

Unfortunately, it's not working as easily as I had hoped.  When I try to 
smbclient //Jim/MUSIC fakepassword -U Administrator

It says:    Get_Hostbyname: Unknown host Sauron
               Connection to Jim failed

Sauron being the hostname of this computer....
I then tried adding -n Gandalf to the end of the command, hoping to 
override the netbios name, to no avail

Complicating this whole matter is the fact that both computers are 
served DHCP by our cable router...  which is working fine...  but since 
I'm under DHCP, I can't add myself to my hosts file...  so, what do I do?

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