[Samba] Is LDAP + Kerberos without Active Directory no longer supported?

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Fri Apr 14 17:20:46 UTC 2023

On 14/04/2023 17:48, Daniel Lakeland via samba wrote:
> On 4/14/23 09:16, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
>> This intrigued me, so I went and tried this and you need three computers:
>> A samba AD DC (perhaps a computer just running a KDC, but I didn't try 
>> this)
>> A Samba Unix domain member running as a fileserver
>> A Samba Standalone server as the client
> The problem is that number 2 here is talking to an AD DC, what I want is 
> number 2 here is talking to a KDC.

Whatever happens, you are going to have to join a computer to a KDC, I 
just used what I know as a proof of concept.
The problem, as far as I could see, is that the fileserver has to have a 
'cifs' SPN and I could only get this on a joined computer. I could get a 
kerberos ticket on the client from the AD DC (KDC), but couldn't do 
anything with it, because of the lack of the cifs SPN.

> How do I make the unix samba server authenticate the client without an 
> AD but with a simple KDC?

No idea, I have no use for such a set up, so have never tried. I think, 
unless someone has already done what you require, you may be on your own.

> What I'm getting from this conversation is "Samba dropped the ability to 
> authenticate to a KDC which is not an AD DC" but no-one seems to be able 
> to confirm or deny this or provide settings which I should try to test 
> this. It appears that after 30 years Microsoft's strategy of "Embrace, 
> Extend, and Extinguish" is complete...

I wasn't even aware that this was possible until you said it had stopped 
working, so have no idea just why it stopped working. If you can 
identify just when it stopped working and, better still, why, you will 
stand a chance of getting it fixed. As for Microsoft, it is a very 
different beast now compared with 30 years ago.


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