[Samba] Is LDAP + Kerberos without Active Directory no longer supported?

Daniel Lakeland dlakelan at street-artists.org
Fri Apr 14 17:33:50 UTC 2023

On 4/14/23 10:20, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
> On 14/04/2023 17:48, Daniel Lakeland via samba wrote:
>> On 4/14/23 09:16, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
>>> This intrigued me, so I went and tried this and you need three 
>>> computers:
>>> A samba AD DC (perhaps a computer just running a KDC, but I didn't 
>>> try this)
>>> A Samba Unix domain member running as a fileserver
>>> A Samba Standalone server as the client
>> The problem is that number 2 here is talking to an AD DC, what I want 
>> is number 2 here is talking to a KDC.
> Whatever happens, you are going to have to join a computer to a KDC, I 
> just used what I know as a proof of concept.
> The problem, as far as I could see, is that the fileserver has to have 
> a 'cifs' SPN and I could only get this on a joined computer. I could 
> get a kerberos ticket on the client from the AD DC (KDC), but couldn't 
> do anything with it, because of the lack of the cifs SPN.
The Samba Unix file server **is** joined to a KDC And yes there's a 
cifs/my.server.name principal in the keytab, and has been for 15 years.

> I wasn't even aware that this was possible until you said it had 
> stopped working, so have no idea just why it stopped working. If you 
> can identify just when it stopped working and, better still, why, you 
> will stand a chance of getting it fixed. As for Microsoft, it is a 
> very different beast now compared with 30 years ago.
My strong impression is it stopped working as soon as samba moved to 
using winbind as a response to some security concerns linked in the 
original post.

The issues aren't with the client, it's with the Samba server being 
unable to check the ticket, apparently because "checking the ticket" has 
been outsourced to winbindd and winbindd only knows about checking 
tickets from AD because it requires SIDs etc.

There is no "standalone with kerberos" mode as far as I can tell? I'm 
hoping someone will correct me on this and tell me that I can configure 
winbindd or samba in some way so that it understands that it's 
"standalone with kerberos". But it's looking more and more like the 
solution is to upgrade the 3-4 windows client machines involved to Win 
10 Pro and use NFS4 on win and mac

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