[Samba] clients not connecting to samba shares

Gary Dale gary at extremeground.com
Sat Apr 1 21:48:57 UTC 2023

On 2023-04-01 16:38, Kees van Vloten via samba wrote:
> On 01-04-2023 22:29, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
>> On 01/04/2023 21:18, Gary Dale via samba wrote:
>>> I only have one user (me) and no additional groups. The only reason 
>>> I'm even looking at this is because Windows seems to have broken my 
>>> older setup. Rowland has been pushing Samba accounts as the way to 
>>> fix it.
>> And I have been pushing Samba accounts because in your first post, 
>> you posted a log fragment that showed you were trying to run Samba as 
>> an AD DC, had I known that there was only you, I would have said that 
>> this is overkill and that you would probably better off running Samba 
>> as a standalone server in a workgroup. Yes, I know you said that this 
>> was for home use, but that doesn't proclude running an AD domain.
>> Rowland
> Misunderstandings in written are so easy :-) I have been following 
> this thread for a while and I did not read or understand that either, 
> until the last Gary's last post.
> One of the first things I was told when I started working in the 
> nineties was that "email is easiest way to get into a fight with 
> someone". Nowadays email can be replaced with any written conversation 
> but it is still the same that it is pretty hard to get a single common 
> understanding of something.
There used to be other users and my wife may still go back to using a 
computer (she prefers her phone and tablet now). This also served as a 
test bed for a business domain until a few months ago.

And don't mistake one user for one computer. I have several Windows VMs, 
not to mention multiple Linux boxes. The Windows VMs aren't used often 
so there is some benefit to having them at least do a central login so I 
only need one password.

  I've been experimenting with getting AD to handle the authentication 
intermittently for over a decade but never got it to work.

I've also had enough experience with Windows workgroup sharing to 
realize that is not an attractive option. Windows machines really want 
to be part of a domain, even if M$ allows them to stand alone.

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