[Samba] clients not connecting to samba shares

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Sat Apr 1 22:17:22 UTC 2023

On 01/04/2023 22:48, Gary Dale via samba wrote:

> There used to be other users and my wife may still go back to using a 
> computer (she prefers her phone and tablet now). This also served as a 
> test bed for a business domain until a few months ago.
> And don't mistake one user for one computer. I have several Windows VMs, 
> not to mention multiple Linux boxes. The Windows VMs aren't used often 
> so there is some benefit to having them at least do a central login so I 
> only need one password.
>   I've been experimenting with getting AD to handle the authentication 
> intermittently for over a decade but never got it to work.
> I've also had enough experience with Windows workgroup sharing to 
> realize that is not an attractive option. Windows machines really want 
> to be part of a domain, even if M$ allows them to stand alone.

Workgroups had their day over 20 years ago, once you got over 10 users, 
they became a pain, which is why domains came about. The first 
incantation, NT4, was okay but had its limitations and these were mostly 
covered by AD in the Win2k domains and they have gone from there.
Just about the only Windows that isn't expected to be part of a domain 
is the home version and that is only because they do not have the domain 
portions and are supposed to be virtually the only computer.

If you are going to run Samba as an AD DC, then you have to run it 
correctly and hopefully follow the recommendations. You have said that 
you are running Windows in VM's, can I suggest you run Samba as a Unix 
domain member in a VM and just use your Samba AD DC for authentication.


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