[Samba] Using Samba with mass numebr of users

Norbert Hanke norbert.hanke at gmx.ch
Wed Sep 21 15:02:22 UTC 2022

Hi Gabor,

If your existing Solaris-based environment has a mix of Unix users
(using NFS) and Windows (using Samba) and if you are using ZFS ACLs you
might have a look at TrueNAS, based on FreeBSD. It offers essentially
the same as Solaris, i.e. OS-native ACLs for Samba. No xattrs to store
ACL information like with Linux. Or a Linux variant with ZFS, but I
don't know how mature that is.

If your Solaris ZFS version is old enough (many years) you might even be
able to use a zfs send-ssh-zfs receive scenario to migrate data
including ACLs from Solaris to a ZFS-based solution.


On 15.09.2022 13:14, Stefan Kania via samba wrote:
> Hi Gabor,
> Am 15.09.22 um 10:11 schrieb bugz--- via samba:
>> Hi,
>> There are a hungarian university with 20.000+ students. They using ~200+
>> Samba shares with custom ACL-s.
> I have a customer with over 30.000 users and a lot of shares. All
> authentication uses Samba-AD. The number od users and shares will not be
> the most important part, you also need to now how many users are logging
> in at the same time and how many users are using your shares at the same
> time.
>> This service handed by Oracle Solaris currently, but the performance is
>> wery poor, so the plan is move forward to Linux-based solution, and
>> possibly upgrade the HW infrastructure, too.
> So you use LDAP for authentication and want to switch to Samba AD. With
> some scripting you can transfer your users from LDAP to AD. I did this
> several times. Reading users from OPenLDAP and import the users to AD.
>> I'm really courious your pont of view or experiene about this topic.
>> 1.) If the university decice to move from Solaris, which Linux
>> distribution is the most recommended? Debian/Ubuntu based, or
>> CentOS/Alma based? Operation? Paid/community support? TCO?
> You ask 10 people which distributon to take and you will get 11 answers
> ;-). In production the Sernet-packagages are a good solution, or if you
> have the know how you can build Samba from the sources
>> 2.) Likely the HW infrastructure will move from SPARC to AMD64 base.
>> Have any formula, recommendation, experience, book or other idea that we
>> can calculate the estimated HW configuration (CPU cores, memory, NIC,
>> etc.)?
> That depends on the usage of your systems.
> At the moment there are not enough information to give more detailed help
> Stefan
>> We use  Samba on a lot of place (and love it), but not under this load
>> and not on Solaris.
>> Any opinion is warmly welcomed.
>> BR,
>> Gabor

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