[Samba] Startup script error

Peter Carlson peter at howudodat.com
Mon Oct 24 22:39:35 UTC 2022

On 10/24/22 15:23, David Mulder via samba wrote:
> On 10/24/22 4:21 PM, Peter Carlson via samba wrote:
>> ok that fixed it.  So one of the 3 objectives is done.
>> Anything I can do to help with user logon scripts?
> Well, you'll be happy to know that user policy just merged into 
> master, so it gets triggered by winbind now. Unfortunately it will 
> only be triggered at login, and not refreshed every 90 to 120 minutes 
> like it's supposed to. More work to be done there.
> You could try writing a simple user CSE that does the mount. These are 
> always run as root, with access to the user info, so it shouldn't be a 
> problem creating the mounts.
I saw that commit when I pulled earlier today.  I'll try to see what I 
can break there this week.

in RSAT I see the chron scripts, but I dont see startup, am I missing 
something, or just blind?

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