[Samba] Startup script error

David Mulder dmulder at samba.org
Mon Oct 24 22:23:05 UTC 2022

On 10/24/22 4:21 PM, Peter Carlson via samba wrote:
> ok that fixed it.  So one of the 3 objectives is done.
> Anything I can do to help with user logon scripts?
Well, you'll be happy to know that user policy just merged into master, 
so it gets triggered by winbind now. Unfortunately it will only be 
triggered at login, and not refreshed every 90 to 120 minutes like it's 
supposed to. More work to be done there.

You could try writing a simple user CSE that does the mount. These are 
always run as root, with access to the user info, so it shouldn't be a 
problem creating the mounts.

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