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If you pin a GPO to a site then it is applied to all users (provided it is a User GPO) on that site. 

Is this not what you want?

Am 22. November 2022 21:36:29 MEZ schrieb Michael Tokarev via samba <samba at lists.samba.org>:
>22.11.2022 22:59, cn--- via samba wrote:
>> Maybe this helps?
>> https://serverfault.com/questions/936172/active-directory-site-level-group-policy-not-applied
>It's an interesting find too, - replication delays is something I'm always
>forgetting about, I already faced something similar in other part.
>(the part which is asked in this serverfault question I solved with a DNS
>local-data override, it is trivial to do).
>But no, this is not it. I'm asking *what* to apply (at site or OU or
>other level), not how or where to apply it.  I mean, which policy is it,
>which setting to touch?  Roaming profiles, - it is either per-user or
>per-machine, is there a GPO for it..
>It looks like I'm just too tired now after all this discussion and searching
>and countless failed attempts.  There are multiple problems and multiple
>possible solutions, and all this mess is now intermixed in my mind in a
>weird way.  And I don't understand anymore which problem I'm trying to
>solve. I need to rest.
>There's user folder redirection (redirecting My Documents and the like
>folders) which can be configured in GPO and linked to sites or OUs or
>using other criteria.  For profile redirection things are a bit less
>sophisticated, user profile settings can be applied to a machine or to
>a user (without GPO it seems).  Here's the info, for example.
>I'll come from there tomorrow.
>What's missing still is msdfs-root at domain level, -  which is just
>a couple of extra attributes it seems, which samba DC needs to support
>(it's my question in another email).
>Things starting making sense.
>Thank you very much for the help, for the clear and to the point
>replies. Very much appreciated!

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