[Samba] several offices: home dirs, local resources, ...

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Tue Nov 22 20:36:29 UTC 2022

22.11.2022 22:59, cn--- via samba wrote:
> Maybe this helps?
> https://serverfault.com/questions/936172/active-directory-site-level-group-policy-not-applied

It's an interesting find too, - replication delays is something I'm always
forgetting about, I already faced something similar in other part.

(the part which is asked in this serverfault question I solved with a DNS
local-data override, it is trivial to do).

But no, this is not it. I'm asking *what* to apply (at site or OU or
other level), not how or where to apply it.  I mean, which policy is it,
which setting to touch?  Roaming profiles, - it is either per-user or
per-machine, is there a GPO for it..

It looks like I'm just too tired now after all this discussion and searching
and countless failed attempts.  There are multiple problems and multiple
possible solutions, and all this mess is now intermixed in my mind in a
weird way.  And I don't understand anymore which problem I'm trying to
solve. I need to rest.

There's user folder redirection (redirecting My Documents and the like
folders) which can be configured in GPO and linked to sites or OUs or
using other criteria.  For profile redirection things are a bit less
sophisticated, user profile settings can be applied to a machine or to
a user (without GPO it seems).  Here's the info, for example.

I'll come from there tomorrow.

What's missing still is msdfs-root at domain level, -  which is just
a couple of extra attributes it seems, which samba DC needs to support
(it's my question in another email).

Things starting making sense.

Thank you very much for the help, for the clear and to the point
replies. Very much appreciated!


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