[Samba] 4.15 windows ACL share. Not taking?

Manu Baylac manu at pinguino.eus
Mon Feb 28 16:23:49 UTC 2022

	Hello John,

Le 28/02/2022 à 15:53, John Ericsson via samba a écrit :

> NOW for the issue...
> When I use the computer manager to set permissions it appears to take with
> no issues (in fact the permissions are still there when I open computer
> manager again), but users can not access the share.
> when I looked at the folder in linux I just saw
> drwxrwx---
> I fully expected to see
> drwxrwx---+ Am I right in thinking I should be seeing the Plus (+) in the
> folder permission?
> for ref HAVE_LIBACL is present.
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I'm exactly in the same situation and try to solve it since a few days...
And I found on the web a tuto where someone uses for his share :

	acl_xattr:ignore system acl = Yes
         acl allow execute always = Yes
         acl group control = Yes
         inherit acls = Yes
         inherit owner = windows and unix
         inherit permissions = Yes
         path = /srv/samba/TEST
         read only = No

And it works for me, the "+" is back :-)

So actually, i'm reading the smb.conf manpage to understand which
directive solves the problem, maybe all, i don't know.

Maybe a directive changed recently her default value.

Sure Rowland will give us the explanation :-)



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