[Samba] OOM killed samba

Peter Boos peter.boos at quest-innovations.com
Mon Jun 7 14:26:46 UTC 2021

One of the Samba DC's was killed by the the out of memory manager.
This gave us some problems which we have resolved now.

Though I am wondered, is it possible to configure OOM as follows:

If the memory usage is too high, kill the process,

 stop samba, wait 5 minutes, start samba,

 if starting fails 2 times (thus thats 10 minutes later) restart the whole server.

 (Sending a message optionally would be great too).

In windows services are often configured with failover options, 1st time restart 2nd time restart, 3th time reboot


tldr the server in question had some memory issues which operantly it solved by killing randomly samba processes
it never draw much attention as it never resulted in any problem
As it was only a process and not the whole server it didnt get notified, Samba always seamed so stable.
Till that day the other DC wanted to talk with it just halfway the moment it got killed.
The good working DC came into error state and stopped working as its partner was down.
Still investigating to the root cause of memory problems we added extra memory.

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