[Samba] OOM killed samba

Sven Schwedas sven.schwedas at tao.at
Mon Jun 7 15:05:43 UTC 2021

The kernel OOM killer is rather inflexible and there's not much you can 
do about it.

What you can do is

a) Restart samba regardless of why it has been killed – most init 
systems more sophisticated than sysvinit can do it out of the box, and 
there's workarounds for sysvinit too (inittab, pipexec)

b) Preempt the kernel OOM killer with an userspace one. systemd-oomd is 
the only I'm aware of, it relies on systemd service definitions to set 
up automated restarts.

Generally, if you want Linux services to act like Windows services, you 
want systemd, that's what it's made for. (For better or worse.)

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