[Samba] CID 1.1.3 fixes offline authentication failure and enables GPOs by default

Eduardo Moraes emoraes25 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 21:01:57 UTC 2021


The new CID version (1.1.3) has had its code adapted to work around the
offline authentication failure issue (Bug #14618) in Debian-based distros.
The correction is done automatically and transparently for users, simply
updating the software version to the latest one.

Now the CID also enables by default the Samba support for Group Policies
(GPOs) on Winbind clients when CID logon scripts are enabled.

Complete changelog:


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* Run logon scripts
* Automatically mount network shares (files and printers)
* Offline login (credential cache)
* Easily grant privileges to domain users (eg: access to the sudo command)
* Manage Samba shares (files and printers) through a graphical interface
* Apply disk quota per shared directory (such as Windows Server)

Authors and copyrights:

Copyright (C) 2012-2021:
Eduardo Moraes <emoraes25 at gmail.com>
CID is published under the GNU General Public License.

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