[Samba] DC controller and DNS

ve2cii at ve2cii.com ve2cii at ve2cii.com
Tue Aug 3 21:37:11 UTC 2021

    You could be right about something missing.  Let me know if there is 
something required that
is not on my list and I will see if it is missing.
     I have not done a slackware install using dhcpd since 
slackware-10.0. Everything I do is
all manual, and since the Slackware network manager is crap I usually 
leave that out and
do it manually. So I never noticed the empty resolv.conf file. This is 
why I run Debian on
my laptop, which uses WIfi. But I digress!!

On 8/3/21 16:07, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
> On Tue, 2021-08-03 at 15:55 -0400, ve2cii--- via samba wrote:
>>      When you do the install you put in everything, (the compiler will
>> go in
>> when you install everything).
>> You don't need emacs E or X, XAP, Y, XFCE, KDE and KDEi. I would
>> put in F, but it is not required for samba. You may need it to find
>> out
>> stuff. Everything else is needed.
>> Then you will need as follows:
>> jansson  (you get this from slackbuilds.org)
>> (kerberos)    krb5   (you get this from slackbuilds.org)
>> Python-3.9.6   (this is python3)
>> python3-dnspython_2.0.0-1_all.deb  (this comes from Debian)
>> Now you have to get deb2tgz from slackbuilds.org which is used to
>> convert the .deb file to a txz file
>> which is what is used in Slackware.
>>       I think this is pretty much it.
> If that is all you installed, then you may not have all the required
> packages.
>> NOTE: Slackware-14.2 networking works right out of the box after the
>> install.
> Not for me it didn't and from the internet searches I did to find the
> cure, I was not alone. My problem was that dhcpcd was getting in the
> way of network manager, /etc/resolv.conf was empty.
>> I never did a VM slackware install.
> Installing into an oracle VM is pretty much the same as installing on
> bare metal.
> Rowland

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