[Samba] Dynamic DNS updates from Windows 10 workstations

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu Apr 8 21:06:31 UTC 2021

On 08/04/2021 21:13, Allen Chen via samba wrote:
> Hi there,
> I do have a similar question on how windows clients update the A 
> record in samba 4 AD DC,
> or how samba AD set A record in its internal DNS server for windows 
> client.
> My configuration is(no other issues so far):
> a) 3 Samba 4.8.12 AD DC, works perfect together(using internal DNS), 
> has its own domain name, let's say DOMAIN1.ANY(not a public domain name)

sounds okay, as long 'internal dns' means the dns server built into a 
Samba DC

> b) 1 Centos 6.8 DHCP server(comes with the OS), gives windows clients  
> dynamic IP and company DNS server info(DNS IP),
>    and sends dynamic IP updates to company DNS server, using another 
> internal domain name(DOMAIN2.ANY) to manage the pc name and its 
> dynamic ip

that could be a problem, it sounds like your PC's are given an IP and 
instead of storing 'PC.DOMAIN1.ANY' on the company dns server (where it 
shouldn't be), it is stored as 'PC.DOMAIN2.ANY'. Your company dns server 
shouldn't store any of your AD domain PC's, it should forward everything 
for 'DOMAIN1.ANY' to your Samba AD DC's.

> c) 2 Centos 6.8 company DNS server(bind comes with the OS), forwarding 
> AD query to AD server)
Which sounds correct except that it sounds like your PC's have two names.
> d) 150 windows clients with DNS points to company DNS servers.
which again sounds okay, provided that your PC's only have one name.
> The problem is when I move a client machine to another subnet(IP 
> changed),  samba4 AD DC doen't reset the ip in its internal DNS 
> server. But I do see the ip or some ips get changed late, when? and 
> how? sometimes not changed? I don't know.

It probably has something to do with your apparently (and forgive me If 
I have misunderstood) strange dns setup.

> My  question is how samba 4 AD set the A record in its internal DNS 
> server for windows client?

Short answer is, it doesn't. There is nothing built into AD to 
automatically update dns records, it is down to the Windows clients to 
update their own dns records.


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