[Samba] Windows 2016 RSAT not connect with samba4 DC

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Fri Nov 27 21:20:39 UTC 2020

On 27/11/2020 21:10, Michael Howard via samba wrote:
> On 27/11/2020 20:42, Rommel Rodriguez Toirac via samba wrote:
>> Thanks for answer me and to Rowland.
>> I understand well now, thanks.
>> But, from Windows 2016 Server I do connect to samba4.
>> samba 4.11.2 (my actual ADDC) is management from this Windows 2016, 
>> but is impossible to connect to a samba 4.13.2 (an adicional DC)
>> To one yes and to another not. Thit is my question?
> Rommel,
> Uhm, actually, I think had mis-read your situation/problem. Can I 
> confirm you can use RSAT on a Server 2016 to manage your Samba 4.11.2 
> instance?
I am beginning to wonder what he is on about 😁
> Rowland,
> If the above is correct, what has changed in Samba (if anything), 
> since 4.11.2, that would prevent the use of RSAT on Server 2016? Why 
> would Web Services be running on 4.11.2 and not 4.13.2, if that is 
> what Server 2016 requires?

Initially you could download and install the install RSAT on a Windows 
server, this has now changed, it has become a web service that runs on a 
DC and you connect to that with RSAT (a different RSAT), Samba has never 
run this web service, so it couldn't have worked with 4.11.2. I think we 
need more info, but the language barrier isn't helping 🙁


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