[Samba] Windows 2016 RSAT not connect with samba4 DC

Michael Howard mike at dewberryfields.co.uk
Fri Nov 27 21:10:03 UTC 2020

On 27/11/2020 20:42, Rommel Rodriguez Toirac via samba wrote:
> Thanks for answer me and to Rowland.
> I understand well now, thanks.
> But, from Windows 2016 Server I do connect to samba4.
> samba 4.11.2 (my actual ADDC) is management from this Windows 2016, but is impossible to connect to a samba 4.13.2 (an adicional DC)
> To one yes and to another not. Thit is my question?

Uhm, actually, I think had mis-read your situation/problem. Can I 
confirm you can use RSAT on a Server 2016 to manage your Samba 4.11.2 


If the above is correct, what has changed in Samba (if anything), since 
4.11.2, that would prevent the use of RSAT on Server 2016? Why would Web 
Services be running on 4.11.2 and not 4.13.2, if that is what Server 
2016 requires?

By the way, I know you put a huge amount of your time into supporting 
users here and I for one appreciate it.

I'm very curious here as I have to shortly integrate samba with 
2016/2019 servers.

Michael Howard

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