[Samba] how to automatically create the home directory

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu Oct 10 12:32:55 UTC 2019

On 10/10/2019 13:02, Mason Schmitt wrote:
>     > There's fourth way, which is what is normally used in a
>     Windows-only environment, but works just the same with home
>     folders on a
>     > samba DM fileserver.   The method relies on creating the user
>     with RSAT tools using ADUC.
>     >
>     > On the Profile tab, set a drive letter, eg H: to the path to the
>     home folder, specifying the user's name as %username% for example:
>     >
>     > Connect H: to \fileserver.samdom.example.com
>     <http://fileserver.samdom.example.com>\users\%username%
>     >
>     > (You can use the short name for the domain or as here the
>     fqdn.)     Providing the Windows ACLs have been set up correctly
>     on the
>     > share the user's home directory is created automatically.   No
>     script is needed.
>     Yes, that is another way, but, as far as I am aware, it only works on
>     Windows ;-)
>     If it does work on a Unix Domain member, then this is something I
>     have
>     missed.
> Yes, the method above does create the home directory on a Unix DM, 
> even without using a PAM module.

Just tried on a W10 PC and it doesn't work for me, I just get:

The \\raspberrypi.samdom.example.com\users\rowland home folder was not 
created because the path was not found. This could be caused by listing 
non-existent folders or by not finding the server or share. The user 
account has been updated with the new home folder value but you must 
create the folder manually.

Windows can find the computer and the homes share, so, unless I am 
missing something, this doesn't work for me.


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