[Samba] how to automatically create the home directory

Mason Schmitt mason at ftlcomputing.com
Thu Oct 10 12:02:23 UTC 2019

> > There's fourth way, which is what is normally used in a Windows-only
> environment, but works just the same with home folders on a
> > samba DM fileserver.   The method relies on creating the user with RSAT
> tools using ADUC.
> >
> > On the Profile tab, set a drive letter, eg H: to the path to the home
> folder, specifying the user's name as %username% for example:
> >
> > Connect H: to \fileserver.samdom.example.com\users\%username%
> >
> > (You can use the short name for the domain or as here the fqdn.)
>  Providing the Windows ACLs have been set up correctly on the
> > share the user's home directory is created automatically.   No script is
> needed.

> Yes, that is another way, but, as far as I am aware, it only works on
> Windows ;-)
> If it does work on a Unix Domain member, then this is something I have
> missed.

Yes, the method above does create the home directory on a Unix DM, even
without using a PAM module.


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