[Samba] Build error while compiling 4.9.8 when using gcc 4.8.5

Alex Braunegg alex.braunegg at gmail.com
Sun Jun 2 18:53:25 UTC 2019

Thanks for that suggestion, however that piece is a 'work in progress', but not the actual problem I am facing right now.

FYI - domain controller piece works flawlessly on the 4.4.180 kernel build based around CentOS6 including many integration tests to Windows DC / replication and the like that I have configured.

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> Hi all,
> In attempting to build Samba 4.9.8 on CentOS 6 using mock, but using Kernel
> 4.19.46 as a base, Samba failed to compile spitting out the following error:

Friend, I urge you to get off of CentOS 6 for domain controllers.
Trying to keep current versions of Samba backported that far is just
not going to be your friend. I had to give up on that years ago. RHEL
7 and CentOS 7 work fine from my testing, if you do the extra work
I've taken the liberty of publishing over at

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