[Samba] Samba 4.8.3 - Stand-alone server

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sat Aug 17 17:25:40 UTC 2019

On 17/08/2019 17:47, Bob Wyatt via samba wrote:
> The network administrator added the guest parameter when we could not
> successfully connect otherwise.
> It is not desired to acquire access as a guest.

Then remove 'map to guest = Bad User' from [global] and make 
'AXIARListen' look like this:

       comment = Axiar Listen directory Retrieval
       path = /AXIAR/listen
       read only = no
       create mask = 0770

>  From my experience with Samba3, I was expecting Windows to cache the
> credentials until the next user workstation reboot.
It would, if you create users correctly, which brings us to 'unix 
password sync = no', change the 'no' to 'yes' and create Unix users and 
then make them Samba users with 'smbpasswd -a username' run by root or 
with sudo.
> The samba login credentials for users added were not in the domain\username
> format; they were local (to RHEL) login I.D.'s, such as bwyatt.
Yes, I supposed that they were Unix users.
> When the user credentials box pops up, I have no way to be rid of the domain
> part of the credentials; we want to use the same login I.D. (such as bwyatt)
> for both RHEL/database access and Samba share access.
on a standalone server another name for 'domain' is 'workgroup' so you 
need to be entering 'STA' here
> This server's user login is not a domain user I.D.; aside from me, the
> logins are totally disparate.

Hard luck, they need to be Unix & Samba users that match your Windows 

Two final thoughts, your email client is terrible and if you reply to 
this, please reply to the thread, do not open a new one.


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