[Samba] Samba 4 write lock problem with MS Word

Dean Guenther guenther at palousecom.com
Thu Apr 25 22:05:36 UTC 2019

I'm getting "access denied" with one particular samba 4 home directory NFS
share. But only with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If I edit an
RTF file in wordpad or notepad and save it back to the samba home share it
works. But I get "access denied" if I'm using Word. Also, no problems with

On the same NFS mount point I have several Samba shares. Lets call them
1. Share1
2. Public1
3. Home1

This mount point is on my Samba DC. And Samba resends the shares to the
Windows clients.

For Share1 and Public1, I can successfully edit a word file and save it
back to the share without problem. But on Home1, if I try and edit a word
doc and save it back, I get access denied. But as I mentioned above, if I
edit an RTF with wordpad or notepad I can edit it and save it back to
Home1 without getting access denied. The problem only exists with MS
Office apps.

The NFS mount is coming from a Debian server. It happens to be a proxmox
5.1-46 64 bit distribution. But the NFS mount comes from the underlying
debian layer and not a proxmox VM nor a container.

The Samba DC mounting the debian NFS share is a 64 bit CentOs 6.5
(2.6.32-431.3.1.el6.x86_64). The Samba DC resides on this CentOS 6.5

Note that the NFS share used to be served up by an even older CentOS 5 
NFS server. I moved the entire terabyte share from the old CentOS 5 server
to the newer proxmox 5 (debian) server. And this is when the problem
started happening that I can no longer write to the Home1 directory.

I did see discussion on lists about trying "oplocks=no" and
"posix locking=no" in my smb.conf but that didn't help.

Here is part of my smb.conf file:

workgroup = ABC
realm = ABC.ORG
netbios name = SAMBA1
server role = active directory domain controller
dns forwarder =
guest ok = yes
security = user
logon drive = H:
log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log
printcap name = /etc/printcap

comment = Home Directories
path = /usr/data/Users
writeable = yes
use sendfile = no
#oplocks = no
#posix locking = no

comment = All Users
path = /usr/data/public
writeable = yes
#guest ok = yes
admin users = @users
force group = users
create mask = 0660
directory mask = 0771
browseable = yes
use sendfile = yes

comment = Common Users
path = /usr/data/private/Shared1Files
writeable = yes
admin users = deang
valid users = deang
create mask = 0660
directory mask = 0771

My mount points for the old CentOS 5 server and my newer proxmox 5 server
are  both in the CentOS 6 Samba server fstab:

#centos5server:/usr/data /usr/data nfs

proxmox5server:/prox2pool01/USERDATA/data /usr/data nfs
rsize=32768,wsize=32768,noatime,auto,rw,exec,nfsvers=3 0 0

What other information would be helpful to add?

Here is thread from 2013. It sounds exactly like the problem I have, but I
tried the suggested fixes and they aren't working for me.


thanks -- Dean

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