[Samba] Extending the AD schema - Cannot see attributes in RSAT

Vladimir vgeraseev at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 18:50:58 UTC 2018

*Thanks for you help, *Rowland
>Gosa is old and I am not sure it is maintained any more, but there is a
>fork available: fusion directory.

I know it is old, but as we decided to migrate from goSA, we are
trying to migrate directly to samba 4, and as far as I know fusion
directory does not support samba 4.

>Not as far as I am aware, ADUC was written around Active Directory and
>I doubt Microsoft really cares about any other package.
>You could try using something like zentyal.

Thanks for the suggestion of the zentyal, but I dont want to change
all my servers and configuration to a new environment. In fact I
really just want to add some atributes and being able to change them.

This is possible in Microsoft AD, and they have some documentation
about this:https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/51121.active-directory-how-to-add-custom-attribute-to-schema.aspx

So, Is there something missing on samba 4??
Or there is something related to some windows GPO property, object or
something like this???

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