[Samba] Extending the AD schema - Cannot see attributes in RSAT

Vladimir vgeraseev at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 17:40:38 UTC 2018

Hy Guys,

I am trying to migrate to samba 4 and I need some help. So, I have a samba
running with samba 3 and LDAP.  Today I use my samba for auth of my e-mail,
file server and several other applications. I use a WEB based LDAP
administration program called goSA.

I have Installed samba 4.8.4 on a test machine and create some users, the
problem is, to keep my email and all functionality that I have today, I
need to create some classes and attributes in samba.

Before you ask, I have set the 'dsdb:schema update allowed = true' on
smb.conf, I could create the class and attribute using the MMC to update
the schema on windows, and I added the classes that I created as subclasses
of the 'User' class.

The problem is, I cannot see my created atributes on RSAT ADUC. I have set
the option to show advanced resources, but when I select the TAB with the
attributes editor, my newly created attributes are not there. I have tried
to create new users, but the result is the same.

Am I missing something?? I know that I can set the values of the attributes
using LDIF, and I have done it successfully, but I want a interface to my
daily work, Is it possible to use custom atributes on samba 4.8.4, and make
them visible on RSAT ADUC???

Thanks in Advance,

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