[Samba] samba 4.8 with bind - bugged dns entry in reverse lookup zone

Kacper Wirski kacper.wirski at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 12:23:56 UTC 2018


I stumbled upon weird error/bug.

My setup:

4.8.3 AD on centos 7.5 (compiled from source).

BIND as dns running on AD DC with secure dns updates setup and working. 
Most of the DNS updates are dynamic, some added manually using windows 
DNS manager.

One of the PTR entries in reverse lookup zone went missing. It's not 
visible in the windows DNS manager, it's nowhere to be found when 
running samba-tool dns query, BUT if I try to add it, I receive error, 
that this host already exists. I am certain I did create this entry a 
couple months ago and it's the only one that went "rogue".

Any advice, how to procede now? Where (and how) should I look for this 
bugged entry to correct it/'remove it and add again?



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