[Samba] Windows 10 spawning thousands of child processes on Samba 4.3.11 server

Francis Duval Blais fduvalbl at ca.ibm.com
Fri Jan 19 15:34:03 UTC 2018

Did you find any other solution that reverting to NT1?

We did a lot of testing on this bug and we got some comclusion : 
Windows 10 do the problem only if not binded to a domain (And it's not a 
GPO that solve the answer)

It's a System process that try to access the share. The user is blank if 
not binded to a domain and the bug happen. If binded the user is the 
computer name and the connection is simply refused and no nobody in smb 

The only way we find to solve this problem was to use the now deprecated 
smb.con option : auth methods = sam_ignoredomain. 

Since guest auth isn't use with this option, the connection are simply 

Do someone has a solution to this problem that doesn't need a source code 
modification. In 4.8 the   auth methods isn't supported anymore and NT1 is 
not an option for us to solve this. 

Thank you

- Francis

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