[Samba] Change Netbios name during classicupgrade?

Sami Chibani sami.chibani at educagri.fr
Mon Oct 16 15:37:36 UTC 2017

Hello Samba list!

Well, my situation is quite the same than this one from a previous post:


I have to make a classicupgrade from a Samba 3 NT server to Samba 4 AD, 
and meanwhile the office name changed, so I would try to profit of this 
upgrade to change domain name.

So far from the different tests i've made, i could run the 
classicupgrade process successfully with the old domain name, and also 
could run it successfully when i set the "realm" value of smb.conf to 
the new domain name.

but whenever i try to change the Netbios name ("workgroup" of smb.conf), 
I instantly lose all my members. Or, more precisely, the script 
finishes, but no account is imported.

smb.conf before classicupgrade:


     netbios name = AD

     workgroup = DOMAIN.LAN

smb.conf after classicupgrade:


     netbios name = SRV-AD

     workgroup = DOMAIN.LAN # ==> this one i can't change otherwise 
upgrade doesn't catch up members

     realm = NEWDOMAIN.LAN

I arrived not long ago in this office and didn't set up the old Samba 3 
server, so there might be some misconfiguration leading to this fail, 
but not sure how to determine the source of the issue.

When i change workgroup, the ouput of a search, whether in pdbedit or 
during classicupgrade is:

#pdbedit -L

sid S-1-5-21-1905493267-1041818301-753029000-19578 does not belong to 
our domain


but when i search for a specific user, I can list it:

#pdbedit -L user

user:8536:User Name

I presume it's SID related and changing workgroup changed domain SID, 
but don't know how to avoid this.

Samba 3 version: 3.6.12

What else to say? If it can help, I noticed that winbind was not 
installed on the server;

#systemctl status winbind
           Loaded: error (Reason: No such file or directory)
           Active: inactive (dead)

Any advice is welcome,

Thanks by advance. You're doing a great job on this tool


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