[Samba] Good Bye SAMBA?!?!?

Mauricio Tavares raubvogel at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 21:19:01 UTC 2016

On Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 3:02 PM, Gilberto Nunes via samba
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> Hi list
> I am sad, today! I start to study how windows deal with CIFS, Active
> Directory and DFS, I just decide follow the other path!
> I will give a try to windows tools....
> The question is: why Linux doesn t have such tools to help and improve
> server deployments?!?

      Improve what?

> Everything will be easier than go to linux console and try and try and try
> and nothing happen!
      If you like to be insulated from how things work and enjoy
cryptic error messages like "the system encountered an error", paying
for some 3rd party programs do allow you do do performance adjustments
you would otherwise be able to do (in Linux) if you decided to put the
time to learn, maybe Microsoft is the right way for you.

I, on the other hand:

- Have to run Firefox to find out why Internet Explorer was not
accessing a given url because IE gives me no useful error messages.
- Realize that no matter the relationship between Microsoft and Samba,
the Redmond business will never tell the open source group everything
about its SMB implementation.
- Notice that many technologies used in Microsoft came from Unix or
open source projects, which are then modified internally (MIT Kerberos
and docker anyone?). Try doing proper network analysis in Windows to
hunt down latency using Microsoft products and let me know how far you
- Prefer to manage Windows servers using (gasp!) command line,
specifically powershell! Since you are scared of "consoles,"
powershell sure is not for you.
- Do not like to be locked in one ecosystem
- Do not understand why Windows server 2012 requires 40GB just to run.
- Believe rebooting a server to see if that fix things is not proper
systems management.

I manage Windows and Linux servers; guess which ones require way more
hand holding?

> So, for now on, I will use Windows tool in my servers...
> I know many of you guys, just love Linux... I also love Linux, but came on!
> We have a hard way to do thing works properly...
      Just to let you know, it is very easy to be a mediocre Windows
system admin and put together a few servers that will work well
enough. Just click and click and click and talk to the paperclip and
all will work. But, to be really good, you have to be able to do all
those things you dread about Linux. And even then you are fighting an
uphill battle because Microsoft does not publish the real performance
details of their implementations.

> In Windows everything is just forward straight ahead.....
      At the mediocre level, sure. At a real expert level, not a
chance. I know a few expert Windows managers and you are not at their
level. Don't take that as a personal insult, but it takes years and
lots of work to get at their level. And, IMHO they are as skilled as
an equivalent Linux manager.

Now, the beauty about using Microsoft products is the reliability
expectation from your users is much lower than for Unix/Linux.

> Sorry! But it's time to shift!
> Or, perhaps, I am just do wrong things all this time....
> BTW, I will give a try to other ways....
> Sorry for outburst!
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