[Samba] Good Bye SAMBA?!?!?

Steve Ankeny steve_a at cinergymetro.net
Wed Sep 28 10:51:12 UTC 2016

On 09/27/2016 04:37 PM, Reindl Harald via samba wrote:
> Am 27.09.2016 um 21:02 schrieb Gilberto Nunes via samba:
>> I am sad, today! I start to study how windows deal with CIFS, Active
>> Directory and DFS, I just decide follow the other path!
>> I will give a try to windows tools....
>> The question is: why Linux doesn t have such tools to help and improve
>> server deployments?!?
>> Everything will be easier than go to linux console and try and try 
>> and try
>> and nothing happen!
> when you don't like a console maybe linux is not your OS
> on windows a feel pure hate because there is no useable console
>> So, for now on, I will use Windows tool in my servers...
>> I know many of you guys, just love Linux... I also love Linux, but 
>> came on!
>> We have a hard way to do thing works properly...
>> In Windows everything is just forward straight ahead.....
> if "it magically works without any control" is good enough for you 
> maybe windows is the right thing - when i look at a simple windows 10 
> installation that needs as much storage as most of our servers 
> together for just have a edge-browser and nothing else - well, i could 
> puke and i had enough of any windows installation around 10 years ago
> yes it was a hard way, it took time, it took try out many things - but 
> compared to a server which acts like a blackbox - fine if it's good 
> enough for you - before i ever in my live setup a windows machine (and 
> the same for apple) i just leave the IT as a whole,,,,
Not to mention the thousands and thousands of dollars spent on licensing 
fees over the years!

I started installing Windows desktops and servers back in the pre-AD, 
NT4 days, and every time I turned around Microsoft was wanting licensing 
fees.  I started learning about Linux in the Red Hat 4.x days.

Yes, it took time to understand command line, but I had the advantage of 
having understood DOS before.

As I understand it (and, I'm sure I'm wrong), Samba was developed 
WITHOUT help from Microsoft.  We all know how willingly proprietary 
companies share their code - "how to connect to your server, printer, etc."

You have to make your own choice.  I got tired of being treated like an 
idiot by Microsoft and tired of paying the "Microsoft Tax," so I jumped 
ship for Linux, and everywhere I can, I use an alternative like Samba.

 From your lament, it sounds like there's something to do with "shares" 
that you haven't understood yet.

Until you tell us what you're trying to do, no one can help you (or, 
maybe, I missed that previously)  It may not be as difficult as you 
imagine once you (we) understand what it is you're trying to do and you 
do it right.

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