[Samba] still nfs mountpoints do no work as samba shares?

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 2 08:46:54 UTC 2016

On 01/09/16 15:57, Gaiseric Vandal via samba wrote:
> In the past I used samba shares on top of autofs NFS 
> shares.         I did not try samba over static NFS mounts 
> (file systems mounted by root manually or defined in 
> /etc/fstab.) I suspect therefore that you might have a 
> permissions issue.
I said: ...seems ok on the clients but only - until a user 
want to change content of a file or copy that file..
But I should have been more specific: users can create new 
content(dirs, files) and remove stuff.
Problem almost certainly is not "permissions". It seems 
something with locking mechanism nfs <=> samba.
On Samba box when a user accesses the content directly in 
nfs4 mountpoint this problems do not occur.
> I had several servers running NFS and Samba, so this meant 
> that user id's were consistent across all machines for 
> both nfs/unix and samba.     The Projects samba share on 
> the main server was mounted on a /projects autofs top 
> level directory which included sub directories from both 
> the main server and other servers.
> The better solution (in my opinion) is to install samba on 
> your NFS server as  domain member.  On your primary server 
> you can create MS DFS short cuts to the other server -  so 
> users still can go to the primary server to find files.  
> They will be transparently redirected to the other server.
NFS box and Samba box are in separate domains and I don't 
know just yet how to make them trust each other. NFS is IPA 
and Samba is just own BDC.
What even more peculiar - linux smb client also does not 
suffer from this problem. I can in Gnome edit files and do 
things that Win 7 refuses to do.

> On 09/01/16 10:11, lejeczek via samba wrote:
>> hi all
>> I remember that in the past many would say these two do 
>> not go well together, but I wonder if situation improved 
>> now?
>> Reason I'm asking is because I decided to give it another 
>> try and I have an nfs4 mount point that I make a share in 
>> Samba 3.6.23-36.el6_8 and everything seems ok on the 
>> clients but only - until a user want to change content of 
>> a file or copy that file, then infamous:
>> "..cannot access the file because another process..."
>> I'm trying usual:
>> kernel oplocks = no
>> oplocks = no
>> but these do not do anything.
>> Clients are Win 7 and nfs servers runs off Centos 7.2.
>> I wonder if someone, perhaps an expert could say whether 
>> situation has improved and there is a way to samba share 
>> a nfs4 mountpoint?
>> many thanks,
>> L

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