[Samba] Member Server Different Subnet

Edson Tadeu Almeida da Silveira edson.tadeu at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 18:22:23 UTC 2016


It was my mistake.  I wasn´t able to join because server time wasn´t sync.


2016-10-13 14:37 GMT-03:00 Marc Muehlfeld <mmuehlfeld at samba.org>:

> Hello,
> Am 13.10.2016 um 19:27 schrieb Edson Tadeu Almeida da Silveira via samba:
> > My AD/DC is on subnet  and im putting an member File
> server
> > at
> >
> > But im having problem to join in DC with this member.
> >
> > I have other members in the same ad subnet and all of them are working
> well.
> You did not told us what problems have on your member when you join it
> to the AD. And how do you join the member? Using "net" (correct),
> "samba-tool" (don't use)? Or do you use any other tool like "realmd" or
> "sssd"?
> My guess: Is your client able to resolve the AD DNS zone? Check your DNS
> settings on your client.
> If this does not help, please provide more information.
> Regards,
> Marc


Edson Tadeu Almeida Silveira

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