[Samba] not quite demoted, yet

Bob of Donelson Trophy bob at donelsontrophy.net
Fri Oct 14 00:00:34 UTC 2016

A few days ago I demoted my first DC (a v4.2.14, I think) and thought
the demote had gone well. Now, when I run "samba-tool dnsupdate
--verbose" I can see references to the first DC that remain.
Unfortunately, that DC no longer exists so I simply cannot demote it

Following the instructions on the "Demote a Samba AD DC" page "Verifying
The Demotion" section, I can see references to the original AD DC in the
ADUC, ADSS and the MMC Console. So, I need to fix this. 

Currently I am running a Samba 4.3.11 version AD DC. I see that it is
suggested that I use v4.4.0 or newer to "Demote an Offline Domain

I have a second v4.5.0 AD DC waiting to join the existing v4.3.11 AD DC.
The idea is to join the v4.5.0, get it working and demote the v4.3.11 AD
DC to rebuild it (the v4.3.11) as the then second AD DC running v4.5.0.
The end result being I will have two AD DC running v4.5.0. 

Now, the question, do I ignore the dns issue, for now, and move forward
with the second (v4.5.0) AD DC join, demote the v4.3.11 DC and then
"remove-the-other-dead-server" with the v4.5.0 DC? Is there any issue I
may be overlooking? 


Bob Wooden of Donelson Trophy

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