[Samba] STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER for printer trying to connect to smb share

John te Bokkel tanj.tanj at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 13:20:31 UTC 2016

On 14 November 2016 at 14:58, John te Bokkel <tanj.tanj at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a kyocera TA-205C printer that is can scan to pdf and place the file on a smb share.
> I have a user on my domain (PCEDOM\printers) that can login and access the share. I tested it out with smbclient and was able to create a file where the printer is supposed to be able to put the file.
> The printer gave a very unhelpful error message, so I did a packet capture to find the error. (see attached)
> It seems to be with the login, but I know the password is correct. (Copy and pasted it for the printer settings and testing with smbclient). I have tried the username with and without the domain.
> Server is 4.5.1 an ad dc and also serving files. I had this working with 4.3.5, but I had to rebuild my server when the upgrade to 4.5.1 happened so I'm not sure if I'm just missing a setting somewhere.
> If this is a setting, where should I be looking?


I took the login part out of the equation and set permissions on the
share to allow Full Control to Everyone on that folder.

This is what the sequence looks like now.

Client: NBSS Session request
Server: NBSS Positive session response
Client: SMB Negotiate Protocol Request.
Requested Dialects
    Dialect: PC NETWORK PROGRAM 1.0
    Dialect: MICROSOFT NETWORKS 1.03
    Dialect: LANMAN1.0
    Dialect: LM1.2X002
    Dialect: DOS LANMAN2.1
    Dialect: Samba
    Dialect: NT LANMAN 1.0
    Dialect: NT LM 0.12
Server: SMB Negotiate Protocol Response
Capabilities: 0x0080f3fc, Unicode, Large Files, NT SMBs, RPC Remote
APIs, NT Status Codes, Level 2 Oplocks, Lock and Read, NT Find, Dfs,
Infolevel Passthru, Large ReadX, Large WriteX, UNIX

It seems the printer doesn't like the response because it closes the
connection with TCP [FIN, ACK]

Any insight on why the requested dialects and the corresponding
response would cause the printer to error?


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