[Samba] STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER for printer trying to connect to smb share

John te Bokkel tanj.tanj at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 19:58:53 UTC 2016

I have a kyocera TA-205C printer that is can scan to pdf and place the file
on a smb share.

I have a user on my domain (PCEDOM\printers) that can login and access the
share. I tested it out with smbclient and was able to create a file where
the printer is supposed to be able to put the file.

The printer gave a very unhelpful error message, so I did a packet capture
to find the error. (see attached)

It seems to be with the login, but I know the password is correct. (Copy
and pasted it for the printer settings and testing with smbclient). I have
tried the username with and without the domain.

Server is 4.5.1 an ad dc and also serving files. I had this working with
4.3.5, but I had to rebuild my server when the upgrade to 4.5.1 happened so
I'm not sure if I'm just missing a setting somewhere.

If this is a setting, where should I be looking?

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