[Samba] Where are People Storing CTDB's Accounting Files?

Howard, Stewart Jameson sjhoward at iu.edu
Fri Mar 18 19:21:43 UTC 2016

Hi All,

We're using CTDB to cluster protocols over a large SAN and have had some pain related to a bit of a design flaw:  we store CTDB and protocol-specific accounting files (recovery locks, state files, etc) on the same filesystem that we're offering through CTDB itself.  This makes our front-end services pretty intolerant of flapping in the back-end filesystem, which is obviously not desirable.

We're planning a redesign for this and were wondering what other people in similar environments are doing with the their CTDB shared files.  Specifically, I'm referring to the locations supplied for <shared_dir> in these variables:

/etc/sysconfig/ctdb: CTDB_RECOVERY_LOCK=<shared_dir>

/etc/sysconfig/nfs: STATD_HOSTNAME=$NFS_HOSTNAME -P <shared_dir> -H /etc/ctdb/statd-callout

/etc/sysconfig/nfs: NFS_TICKLE_SHARED_DIRECTORY=<shared_dir>

/etc/sysconfig/nfs: STATD_SHARED_DIRECTORY=<shared_dir>



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