[Samba] 'Smb' server service is reason of panic of Samba 436 smbd daemon.

CpServiceSpb cpservicespb at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 19:10:22 UTC 2016

Everyone is in his (her) shoes, as following each has his (her) own 
conditions (meaning  environment) as tasks.
And sometimes what one offers is not applicable for other one. :)

 > tdbsam or ldapsam, I would just use the Samba standalone server wiki 
page as a start, if I were you, this (though it doesn't show it) uses 
the tdbsam backend.

Can you tell me briefly, what are diffiriencies between tdbsam and 
ldapsam within standalone server ?

[Samba] 'Smb' server service is reason of panic of Samba 436 smbd 
daemon. /Rowland/, /Miguel/,// thank that told that Samba4 standalone 
server mode doesn' t require provisioning.
As I said I got working such mode with provisioning tough with 434 
version at x32 Ubuntu.
I simply deleted of private folder content and recreated users and all 

And quite funny quiestion. I think.
I have some Samba4 shares named by only one letter, for examle "D" .
All are specified in uppercase.

But while accessing Samba4 server all are listed in lowercase.
And such situation seems for shares named with up to 3 letters.
If share is called "FdWw" , it is displayed exactly as specified.

How is to get shares from 1 to 3 letters name with uppercase letters ?

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