[Samba] The sad state of samba 4 adaption for home/small business routers.

Andy Walsh andy.walsh44 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 16:38:40 UTC 2016

Reindl Harald <h.reindl <at> thelounge.net> writes:

> no, it's not for the masses, for the masses is what comes out-of-the-box
> there is not much difference between replace the operating system on a 
> mass-product and just setup my own box from-scratch in the end
> i know what modern arm based devices can do
> the HP microserver comes with a 

> which has a TDP of 17W, 2.3 GHz x86_64 with AES-NI and turbo with 3.5 
> GHz will blow away any embedded device and so finally that machine can 
> do so much more in one box with horsepower, intergated large and fast 
> storage and you only need to decide if you use the PCI-Express Port for 
> a 4-Port-Switch or as WLAN-AP while you most likely can chose the 
> 4-Port-NIC which gives you combined with the interated Dual-Port finally 
> a 5-Port-Switch with a WAN-Interface and theres surely some 
> USB3-WLAN-Adapter on the market with is capable to run a 
> WLAN-Accesspoint with "hostapd"
> the operating system lives on a micro sd-card and with 8 GB RAM and 4 
> hard-drive bayes you can do a lot of things with that box
> not to forget with 5 Ethernet cards that you can build up different 
> brdiges/routings and if you need 10 Gigabit, well, place a 10 Gigabit 
> 4-Port-Card in the Slot and use the interal Gigabit NIC for the WAN

I still think you completely miss the point here. 
One of the main ideas here is to transform a cheap 50-100$ device into
something that can do as much as possible on the given hardware. So ofc your
setup that cost 3-10 times more can do more and is faster in some areas.

I specifically asked about home/sbu, yet you keep throwing in server class
hardware in this discussion.
So whats the point you trying to make here and how does this help actually
solving the problems i org. asked about?


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