[Samba] Replacing a Samba 3.0 Domain controller

David Bear dwbear75 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 23:53:06 UTC 2016

Frank, I have had Windows 7 machines joined to a samba 3.x NT style domain
for years and they work just fine.

You do need to make a few registry entries which you can easily find with

As for moving to AD style domain -- this is well worth the effort. If you
are using linux, there is an option to run linux containers and place
separate samba processes in these containers. I'm currently running samba
4.x this way. The samba AD domain control is running in a container while
the samba file server is running in the linux host.  This seems to work
just fine.

Linux containers seem stable and mature. I think there are others running
samba in this fashion. Learning how to manage the linux container system is
worth it in order to be able to run samba as 'recommended' by the samba

On Fri, Jan 29, 2016 at 7:50 AM, Frank Thynne <fthynne at elmplace.co.uk>

> For many months I've been trying to replace a Samba 3.0 Domain Controller
> with a version that will support Windows 7.
> Despite advice on Samba HOWTO that all supported versions will support
> Windows 7 there seems to be an unstated caveat, namely that it must be
> configured as an Active Directory Domain Controller. Microsoft's own advice
> is that Windows 7 will not work with a Windows NT domain controller and is
> not intended to do so.
> By itself, that would not be an obstacle, but there another (stated)
> caveat that running AD and file sharing on the same computer is not
> recommended. That means that the single server configuration that has run
> trouble-free for ten years cannot be so simply replaced.
> Before I embark on a two-server configuration I'd welcome opinions on this
> matter. In theory I suppose I could run two Virtual Servers on one
> computer, but that looks like a high-risk approach.
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