[Samba] Replacing a Samba 3.0 Domain controller

Frank Thynne fthynne at elmplace.co.uk
Sat Jan 30 23:06:09 UTC 2016

I've tried that fix. It didn't work. There is no problem accessing the shares on the domain using a PC running Windows 7, but it cannot join the domain.

The problem was reported in 2010 as bug 7837 still at status NEW - in other words, nor resolved.

There is a statement in the web page 


from a Microsoft staff member (see post there dated August 25th, 2009 7:04pm) that states that Windows 7 will not work with a Windows NT4 domain and is not designed to do so. That doesn't rule out the possibility that Samba could improve on Windows NT4 - but I haven't found it to be so.

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    Despite advice on Samba HOWTO that all supported versions will support Windows 7 there seems to be an unstated caveat, namely that it must be configured as an Active Directory Domain Controller. Microsoft's own advice is that Windows 7 will not work with a Windows NT domain controller and is not intended to do so.

  Windows 7 clients work just fine on samba NT-style domains. There is no need for Active Directory if you don't want it.

  On the Windows clients you have to make one registry change as described here:


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