[Samba] Mounting a previously Windows (ntfs) file system

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Fri Jan 29 13:06:10 UTC 2016

Am 29.01.2016 um 13:33 schrieb Graham S. Jarvis:
> I'm planning a conversion of a Windows server (SBS2011) to Samba.
> All the user data files are already on a separate disc in the Windows
> server and my idea is to unplug the Windows boot drive and plug in a
> FreeBSD installation with Samba 3.6.25 running and tested on another
> machine.
> Fortunately it's a small installation and everybody is using the same
> share on the Windows server.  Very little is stored by each user
> separately.
> I can mount the existing Windows data drive r/w with fusefs.
> What should I look out for?
> - I already had problems moving files from one disc to the other under
> Windows because of a mix of historical clients (file names/paths too
> long, permissions etc.)
> Otherwise I add the FreeBSD server into the network and ask people to
> move their files over manually to a new disc.

i wouldn't mount NTFS on the new machine

instead ask them to move the files to the new disc better ask for *copy* 
them which automatically implies a consistent backup

while when you say "small installation" - maybe mount the old server via 
cifs on the new one, rsync the data and fire a script which cares about 

in the best case after that you give the old machine a different IP and 
the new one get the known IP, hostname - we did that for our webservers 
automated by switch from OSX to Linux (in that case even a stop 
services, rsync, shutdown the old one and restart the network prepared 
to take over the ip-addresses and so minimized downtimes, needs only 
some good plan and testing)

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