[Samba] (Kerberos)problems during replication

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon Feb 29 15:21:31 UTC 2016

On 29/02/16 15:05, Felipe_G0NZÁLEZ_SANTIAG0 wrote:
> Hi all:
> I joined a samba4 DC to Win2k3. After run the samba-tool domain join command, all data migrate perfectly.
> BUT then when I create an object into either samba4 or win2k3, these objects are not replicated to the another DC.
> Then, I tried to obtain a kerberos ticket (kinit) and the output is: kinit: "Clock skew too great while getting initial credentials".
> Then I sync both CDs manually, I mean, I established the same date in both DCs. however: the kerberos message continue: "kinit: Clock skew too great while getting initial credentials". I also, run this command: kinit: "root at s1:~#hwclock --systohc".
> Any idea?
> Regards, Phillip.

I would have thought it was fairly obvious 'Clock skew' ???

You probably have different times on the DCs


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