[Samba] Creating static WINS entries in Samba 4

John Sanders turolate at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 24 13:56:53 UTC 2016

> I suggest not, normaly dns is used for that, by the setting 
> "dns proxy = yes"  ( the default )
> But you must be sure your dns setup is good. 

I knew of that solution already, in fact I use it on my own network.

> Anyway, what im missing here, is, is this a ADDC or member server setup. 
> And which node type is set for the computers. 

Hi, perhaps I should have explained more of what I'm trying to achieve, here
it goes:

This is not for me, this is for an individual who refuses to accept the fact
that the old windows netbios way of finding computers on a network is
retarded beyond belief, so much that even microsoft has obsoleted it and
they themselves recommend people not to use it.

I tried to convince him to use a DNS server, but the person in particular
wants to have a working "network neighbourhood" environment on his network comprised
of two LANs with ~20 Windows clients and no Windows servers.

So a quick solution that requires little configuration is to use a standalone Samba server acting as a
WINS server.

If I added to the the DHCP server he uses in his network a WINS DHCP record
containing the address of the Samba server, so I can make each Windows computer
in the network use the samba box as the LMB/DMB automatically, that way there is no stupid
netbios broadcast, the browse list is always complete and the network
neighbourhood doesn't break when one switches a laptop or workstation off.

As stupid as it is, I have to admit that for what he wants (20 computers)
he's got a point, from his perspective his argument "in windows it just
works" is valid. There is next to nothing to configure when using a pure Windows
network workgroup, if there is a DHCP server "it just works"(TM).

So I thought it would be neat to show him some OSS beauty by setting a "PI"
running Linux and Samba, and show him a better way of doing it.

I have set this up already, for the most part it does work really well,
however I need to set a couple of static NETBIOS entries and that will be
the cherry on top.

I could always add entries to a common LMHOST file, publish it on
a Samba share and make each windows computer import it on its local LMHOSTS,
but this will not work with 3rd party laptops that come and go without
editing files on them. Also it is just ugly.

A DNS server is out of the question, I will have to manage it and A) I
refuse, B) it does add lots of complexity, because it will also need dynamic
dns registration. Using WINS works very well as a drop-in replacement.

I'm wondering if "Wins Proxy = yes" uses entries in the local hosts file of
the Samba server, that would be a neat way of adding static entries.

I will test that tonight.

> And editing tdb files .. 
> tdbtool --help 

I was afraid I would have to resort to that.

> Greetz, 
> Louis

Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.
Regards :-)Turo Late

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