[Samba] Creating static WINS entries in Samba 4

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Feb 24 14:41:55 UTC 2016

Ok...  that make a lot clear..  

Just follow this. 

It's what you want,.. almost/maybe not, but read through it, 
you see why i pointed this out for you. 

Yes, it does contain dhcp and dns (ddns) , but this setup is rock stable. 
It wil make your life more easy. 

Then done, add the following in the dhcp options
( and yes, 2 x same IP here if you have 1 server!! ) 
(Replace the IP with the ip of your PI.)
option netbios-node-type 8;

so no need for lmhosts to maintain, import/exports, unsupported, outdated. Etc. This is a "set and forget" in my opinion.

I run this setup at about 4 home networks, exact like above. 
You can even setup the unattended-upgrades, well, at least i did. 
I had 1 problem in the last 4-5 years.. ( disk broke )  ;-) 



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> Onderwerp: [Samba] Creating static WINS entries in Samba 4
> > I suggest not, normaly dns is used for that, by the setting
> > "dns proxy = yes"  ( the default )
> > But you must be sure your dns setup is good.
> I knew of that solution already, in fact I use it on my own network.
> > Anyway, what im missing here, is, is this a ADDC or member server setup.
> > And which node type is set for the computers.
> Hi, perhaps I should have explained more of what I'm trying to achieve,
> here
> it goes:
> This is not for me, this is for an individual who refuses to accept the
> fact
> that the old windows netbios way of finding computers on a network is
> retarded beyond belief, so much that even microsoft has obsoleted it and
> they themselves recommend people not to use it.
> I tried to convince him to use a DNS server, but the person in particular
> wants to have a working "network neighbourhood" environment on his network
> comprised
> of two LANs with ~20 Windows clients and no Windows servers.
> So a quick solution that requires little configuration is to use a
> standalone Samba server acting as a
> WINS server.
> If I added to the the DHCP server he uses in his network a WINS DHCP
> record
> containing the address of the Samba server, so I can make each Windows
> computer
> in the network use the samba box as the LMB/DMB automatically, that way
> there is no stupid
> netbios broadcast, the browse list is always complete and the network
> neighbourhood doesn't break when one switches a laptop or workstation off.
> As stupid as it is, I have to admit that for what he wants (20 computers)
> he's got a point, from his perspective his argument "in windows it just
> works" is valid. There is next to nothing to configure when using a pure
> Windows
> network workgroup, if there is a DHCP server "it just works"(TM).
> So I thought it would be neat to show him some OSS beauty by setting a
> "PI"
> running Linux and Samba, and show him a better way of doing it.
> I have set this up already, for the most part it does work really well,
> however I need to set a couple of static NETBIOS entries and that will be
> the cherry on top.
> I could always add entries to a common LMHOST file, publish it on
> a Samba share and make each windows computer import it on its local
> but this will not work with 3rd party laptops that come and go without
> editing files on them. Also it is just ugly.
> A DNS server is out of the question, I will have to manage it and A) I
> refuse, B) it does add lots of complexity, because it will also need
> dynamic
> dns registration. Using WINS works very well as a drop-in replacement.
> I'm wondering if "Wins Proxy = yes" uses entries in the local hosts file
> of
> the Samba server, that would be a neat way of adding static entries.
> I will test that tonight.
> > And editing tdb files ..
> > tdbtool --help
> I was afraid I would have to resort to that.
> > Greetz,
> > Louis
> Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.
> Regards :-)Turo Late
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