[Samba] AD DC as KVM guest on file server host?

Filippe LeMarchand gasinvein at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 16:01:42 UTC 2016

Is kvm I/O realy disadventage? I use samba file server as kvm guest (LVM
storage pool) in some setups and disn't notice any problems. Sequential
read/write speed isn't noticeably different from non-virtualized samba
host. Did I miss something and should expect sudden trouble?

In a letter dated Tuesday, December 27, 2016 2:12:59 MSK by Andrei Petrov
via samba wrote:
> The most dramatic disadventage of kvm guest is block device I/O, so I
> wouldn't recommend to virtualize file server if it is not necessary.
> In my case on host ntpd configured as source for virtual dc, and bind9
> configured as type=slave for zones hosted on dc, (make shure that srv
> records in _msdcs.mysambadomain.local are resolving when virtual dc is
> down) and smbd fileserver with "winbind offline logon = true" in smb.conf.
> it works on HP Microserver G7 with AMD Turion II CPU and 2GB RAM and
> serves 15 clients in small office + it's also hosts asteriskPBX guest...
> All issues that I mentioned are true when there is only one dc in
> network and it runs as kvm guest.
> If it's not your case and you have other dc online when fileserver
> starts. Consider your virtual DC as phisical machine and everything will
> be fine...
> On 26.12.2016 21:06, Miguel Medalha wrote:
> >
> > >> i have a fiew production sites, where samba file servers running
> > their dc >> as kvm guests. No problems so far.
> >
> > >> Pay attention for dc time sync on startup.
> >
> > >> Shutdown (not suspend) guest on host shutdown.
> >
> > >> Make shure that appropriate dns server is available for host and
> > guest >> dc on startup.
> >
> > Thank you for your input. I am grateful that you warned me about the
> > issue of DNS. Of course now the AD DC will boot AFTER the file server.
> > I hadn't thought about that aspect and I am sure I would meet it later
> > in a more unpleasant way :-)
> >
> > Of course I could also virtualize the file server. My doubts are
> > related to the fact that it has a lot of physical disks containing
> > several Terabytes of data and this is a production machine that I
> > don't have much time to play around with. Would those disks be
> > available to a virtual machine as they are now, without first
> > converting them to virtual disks?
> >

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