[Samba] AD DC as KVM guest on file server host?

Andrey Petrov petrov at solid-it.ru
Mon Dec 26 17:12:48 UTC 2016

helo Miguel.
i have a fiew production sites, where samba file servers running their dc
as kvm guests. No problems so far.
Pay attention for dc time sync on startup.
Shutdown (not suspend) guest on host shutdown.
Make shure that appropriate dns server is available for host and guest dc
on startup.

26 дек. 2016 г. 18:07 пользователь "Miguel Medalha via samba" <
samba at lists.samba.org> написал:

I have a setup here consisting of two Samba 4.5.x AD DCs and a Samba 4.5.x
File Server.

I need to free the physical machine running one of the AD DCs for another
purpose. I thought of creating a KVM Virtual Machine running that DC as a
guest to the file server, which has more than enough hardware resources for
that. In sum, the file server would keep running as it is, as a physical
machine, with the additional role of serving as a host to a VM running the

Does anyone here see any problem or disadvantage with such a setup?

Thank you
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