[Samba] slow speeds with Windows 10

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon Aug 8 14:42:46 UTC 2016


My advice would be get a cable tester. Or see if you can loan some cable to test, with what your saying im almost sure you have a bad cable/connector/ethernet port somewhere.

And check if you synoligy supports gigabit networks and put in a gigabit swich. Then see if you wifi is still faster then you ethernet.
If you model is a 1xx, what happens when you disable https? 
DSM version is? 

> But as I said I have 60MB/s speeds over the wire to some Linux OS.
Thats for wire also slow in my opinion, if have a "good" setup, you can get
the 100-115MB/s over gigabit lines. 

> Well thank you for your interest regardless; 
Your welkom... 

> I cannot understand why the wifi link to the internet is at
> least 4-5-6MB/s constantly, and that same wifi link to the local server 
> runs about 3.5MB/s max and that is only in the beginning and then often it 
> goes down to a crawl.
Pff heres a lot to tell, basicly to much.. 
Most of the time bad cable.
And other pointers, latency, multple devices on the same channel, 
( often 1 of 11 ) Wireless phones, microwave, etc all other 2.4Gz devices can interfeer with things. 

I can get about 12-15Mb/s out of my wif ( 300N ) with tunning, without, 
about 5-7MB/s ( test this within your lan ) 

Slow disks.. 
Not alligned partitions on disk make things slow.
Lots of small files make things also slow. 
Lots of files in 1 folder make things slow. 

Samba 3.6.9 30-50MB/s is slow also. 

Which synology, these are limited also.. like .. 
Some of them have gigabit ethernet, but max speed of 100mbit ethernet. 
This is often due cpu limitation.

In running simalar on a amd-E350 8Gb ram, kodi, 
1ssd ( OS + websites and mysql ) 
2 3TB 5400 Rpm disk. Data pics mp3 backups etc. 

Copy speed, in lan 115MB/s  so the full gigabit. 
IF i copy to a large file to an  optimized partition. ( min 4MB blocks ) 
WHEN i copy the same file to my default partition, 
it drops to about 60-80MB/s  ( 4k blocks ) 

so if you want fast, you need to optimize..  ;-) 
and get good cables. 



> But I conntected the stuff together using an old router as a switch so
> now both are wired.
> (Not long enough cables lol).
> The same transfer is now doing about 30-40-50MB/s from that computer.
> I just don't understand how smbd could have taken up 100% for that
> almost non-existent transfer.
> smbd --version = 3.6.9, but it is a Synology build.
> There is nothing special in smb.conf, but then, apparently it is being
> caused by the wifi link.
> [global]
>      winbind enum groups=yes
>      follow symlinks=yes
>      unix extensions=yes
>      encrypt passwords=yes
>      security=user
>      local master=yes
>      realm=*
>      passdb backend=multi:smbpasswd,ldapsam:ldap://localhost
>      printing=cups
>      winbind enum users=yes
>      load printers=yes
>      workgroup=WORKGROUP
> Nothing special on the share itself. (I took out the LDAP stuff that is
> irrelevant here).
> Meaning, I have higher download speeds over Wifi from the internet than
> I have from the local server. By far.
> I really have no clue, but thanks.
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