[Samba] slow speeds with Windows 10

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Mon Aug 8 14:04:46 UTC 2016

Marc Muehlfeld schreef op 08-08-2016 7:56:
> Hello,
> Am 07.08.2016 um 21:43 schrieb Xen:
>> What could be causing this slow speed?
> I guess you won't get any help if you don't provide more information.
> For example:
> * smb.conf
> * Samba version
> * self compiled / distro packages?
> * hardware
> * speed rate with other MS OS
> * etc.

I was not really asking for troubleshooting (ie., finding new answers) 
but rather for answers that could already exist.

I will need to connect the computer by wire (ie. no wifi) or reboot this 
one to find more information but this system is running a backup so I'll 
have to wait for a while.

But as I said I have 60MB/s speeds over the wire to some Linux OS.

I guess it's not samba though, the second FTP server I tried had the 
same abysmal speeds as Samba before and it didn't even finish whereas 
before it finished in 12 minutes; and I went to the wired Linux computer 
and downloaded the file in mere seconds so to speak, then copied it into 
SD and loaded it in the wifi computer :p.

Well thank you for your interest regardless; I cannot understand why the 
wifi link to the internet is at least 4-5-6MB/s constantly, and that 
same wifi link to the local server runs about 3.5MB/s max and that is 
only in the beginning and then often it goes down to a crawl.

But I conntected the stuff together using an old router as a switch so 
now both are wired.

(Not long enough cables lol).

The same transfer is now doing about 30-40-50MB/s from that computer.

I just don't understand how smbd could have taken up 100% for that 
almost non-existent transfer.

smbd --version = 3.6.9, but it is a Synology build.

There is nothing special in smb.conf, but then, apparently it is being 
caused by the wifi link.

     winbind enum groups=yes
     follow symlinks=yes
     unix extensions=yes
     encrypt passwords=yes
     local master=yes
     passdb backend=multi:smbpasswd,ldapsam:ldap://localhost
     winbind enum users=yes
     load printers=yes

Nothing special on the share itself. (I took out the LDAP stuff that is 
irrelevant here).

Meaning, I have higher download speeds over Wifi from the internet than 
I have from the local server. By far.

I really have no clue, but thanks.

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